Most of us at Street Soccer Pro didn’t grow up playing 11-a-side football on glistening pitches. We developed our dribbling and shooting skills by playing ‘Wembley’, The game continues to be as popular as ever on the streets and in the playgrounds, but WHY do we get to a certain age and consign it to to our childhood memories?? WHY isn’t there a professional form of this fantastic game which showcases individual skill and talent? and WHY is individualism continually traded in favour of playing in a team? 

Frankly, the answers to all those questions are a mystery, but we intend to change all that..Street Soccer Pro has arrived and it’s causing a stir. 

Launching in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London we will encourage individualism, showcase your talent and provide you with a platform to shine. We cater for all age groups 11+, you can play doubles or singles, you can play if your male or female and we even cater for the corporate sector, pitting Company against Company for bragging rights to be bagged.

We have prizes, we have incentives and we have links with some of professional football best known agents and talent spotters. If you want to make it in football, this is your route to success. No more relying on under performing team mates, no more arguments about team selection, no more wondering how your going to get spotted by the big team scouts. Whatever your background, if your good enough, Street Soccer Pro will help you progress..let your ability do the talking! 

At Street Soccer Pro everyone begins as a standard level player, we then have a unique Tier Ranking System which will allow you to progress through to the elite levels of the game, to reach our top level of Diamond Class, you will truly have to be the best of the best. 

Interested??? Register your interest today, places are limited and are expected to go quickly when entries open. Pre-registration will put you at the head of the line. Any questions get in touch and a member of our Team will get back to you.

Street Soccer Pro…’Bring your ‘A’ game’