Street Soccer Pro’s ‘One on One’ is the superior way to play football, even more so than ‘real’ football. Say what you like about cricket, the bat-and-ball sport caters for a broad range of tastes. Even at international level, there are three distinct formats: T20, One Day Internationals and Test Matches. Each game has a specific set of rules, and each has its own specialist players and unique appeal.

With football, the spotlight invariably always falls upon 11-a-side, so it’s easy to forget that football too, is divided into three formats.

Besides the main one, there’s also the mid-size format comprising games like futsal, five-a-side and walking football. These are objectively harder than 11-a-side, because you can’t take a breather, you can’t go in the box and, when the game is up, you often have to empty sand or black rubber pellets out of your shoes!!

However, the most gruelling and we would argue, the most worthwhile format of football is something else entirely, a third format which historically was generally reserved for playgrounds and parks.

That game is called Wembley, Cuppies or World Cup Knockout, It can be played ‘One on One’ or alternatively ‘Two on Two’, both versions have a single neutral goalkeeper to quell the inevitable disagreements and friction in the heat of the battle and they are the inspiration behind Street Soccer Pro.

In ‘One on One’, the keeper turns his back on the competing players and throws the ball over his or her head; players, then try and win the ball and score into the one goal. Deflected shots count as goals for the defensive player and handballs result in a queue of penalties for every other person. And rather than tally the goals, players go ‘through’ to the next round when they score, with one being eliminated each round.

Footballing Battle Royale

It’s a true Footballing Battle Royale, and if professional sides didn’t depend on big squads and such long seasons to make money, it would undoubtedly be the dominant form of the game.

In fact, if the Premier League had thought properly about ‘Game 39’, they would have proposed a massive 41-man game of ‘Wembley Doubles’ in Qatar or Dubai instead of that random extra fixture.

If they had staged their own equivalent of our Battle Royale, with a huge game of ‘Two on Two’, how do you think the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United would have fared? 

Let us know your favourite teams ideal pairings? Who do you think would prevail in a giant game of ‘Two on Two’? Who knows..perhaps one day Street Soccer Pro could make it happen..We picture the first game looking something like this…Who do you think would triumph??

  • Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero
  • Troy Deeney and Heurelho Gomes
  • Jamie Vardy and James Maddison
  • Harry Kane and Dele Alli
  • Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba
  • Mo Sala and James Milner

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