Please note: the below information is subject to change.

When do Street Soccer Pro Events take place?2019-09-03T08:28:12+00:00

Street Soccer Pro events will initially take place in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London. The launch date will be confirmed so watch this space!!!

Great! How do I book my place..When do entries open?2019-09-03T08:28:41+00:00

The online entry system for Street Soccer Pro events are now open but only for pre-registration. Just sign in and register through the website and you’ll receive confirmation of your interest. Payment at this time is not required. If you require help please contact help@streetsoccerpro.com and a member of our customer services team will be happy to help you to complete your entry.

When do I find out if I have secured a place?2019-09-03T08:29:01+00:00

All applicants will hear the outcome of their entry request by the end of October 2019. Everyone who gains a place is sent a Congratulations notification. Unsuccessful applicants will be sent a Commiseration notification with their details held on a reserve list.

How do I find out who I will be playing against?2019-09-03T08:29:20+00:00

A totally random draw will take place with no weighting – just like the draw for the National Lottery. A full list of games will be on display at the venue and details will also be provided to you personally at the venue registration point.

When do I pay?2019-09-03T08:30:26+00:00

All applicants who have been successful in the ballot and offered a place in a Street Soccer Pro Event will be sent a link to pay the entry fee. Upon full launch just head to the website or click ‘Enter Here’ in the email that you receive.

How much does it cost to enter a Street Soccer Pro Event?2019-09-03T08:30:49+00:00

Standard entry costs £25 or £40 for a doubles entry.

Why are website entries not open yet?2019-09-03T08:31:23+00:00

The popularity of Street Soccer Pro Events mean that entries are capped dependant on venue size, it is projected to fill the available places in just a few hours for each event once the entry system goes live. During our marketing stage we want to give everyone an equal chance of success.

Why don’t you operate a scheme where you get a place if you’ve been unsuccessful in applying for previous events?2019-09-03T08:31:51+00:00

Put simply, the numbers are so big it becomes mathematically impossible. It is impossible to offer a guaranteed entry to everyone who has applied unsuccessfully to past events.

What are my other options for gaining an entry?2019-09-03T08:32:57+00:00

If you miss out don’t worry, we will be back at the same venue in just four weeks time, then each month after that. You can enter for any forthcoming event, just be quick as places will sell fast! There is a full listing of all forthcoming events on our website. Players who have graduated up the Tier Rankings qualification can apply for future events places at their newly qualified class or any level below. Finally, every year a small number of places are offered through competitions on our social media channels and those of our sponsors and partners so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be in with a chance to grab a free space!.

If I am a Silver level Ranked player but enter a standard level event, will I lose my Silver Ranking status if I get beat?2019-09-03T08:33:22+00:00

No, Your Tier Ranking was hard earned, no one can take it away from you..onwards and upwards!

How old must I be on Event Day?2019-09-03T08:33:41+00:00

You must be a minimum of 11 years old or over on 1st October 2019. If you are under 16 you MUST have your parent / guardians permission to enter and you MUST have the bill payers permission for payment.

I feel I’m too good to play in my own age range, can I enter to play in an older age group?2019-09-03T08:34:58+00:00

No, even though we subscribe to the adage “If your good enough, your old enough”, we have to consider your safety (and protect the embarrassment of others) so at this time all entrants must compete in their own age group.

My friend/family member is unable to compete but has a place; can I take their place using their entry?2019-09-03T08:35:55+00:00

No, Places in Street Soccer Pro Events are not transferable under any circumstances – see Conditions of Entry. Anyone attempting to compete using another person’s entry will be disqualified and banned for life from all Street Soccer Pro Events and all other events organised by 12 Yard Events Ltd. ID’s will be checked at Event Registration.
Place swapping is strictly prohibited for a number of reasons, the most important of which is the danger and confusion it can cause in the event of an incident during the event. The information you provided in the registration process included your next of kin and emergency contact information. First aid crews at the event provide details of those that have had to drop out and receive medical attention, including their location, and if they have been taken to a hospital. In the event of a serious incident, we contact the named next of kin and emergency contact. If your place is being used by someone else, then the emergency services and medical professionals waste valuable time and your action might cause great distress and concern to your closest friends/family.

What happens to the places when people drop out of Street Soccer Pro Events? Is there a waiting list?2019-09-03T08:36:17+00:00

We do operate a waiting list. The number of entries that we accept at each event is calculated carefully in the knowledge that a certain percentage of players will drop out. By registering your details we are able to contact you if places become available.

I am now unable to play – what do I do?2019-09-03T08:36:51+00:00

If you gained your place via the website and have paid your entry fee, you may defer your place for one month (not more) by following the instructions in the acceptance email that you were sent. The full process is also outlined on our website.

Are there any restrictions to carrying my entry over to other events?2019-09-03T08:37:17+00:00

Yes. Entries gained via our website (not entries allocated by a sponsor or won in a competition) may only be carried over for one month. Therefore if you have already carried over your entry from last months event to this months event, you may not carry your entry over to further events. If you were allocated your place by a charity or a sponsor or if you won your place in a competition, it is not possible to carry the entry over to the next event.

How can I increase my chances of gaining an entry through the website for next months event?2019-09-03T08:37:33+00:00

We operate on a first come first served system with no weighting.

Can I have a refund if I am unable to compete?2019-09-03T08:37:48+00:00

No, it is not possible to refund an entry fee once a place has been allocated to you.

How many people gained a place through the website this year?2019-09-03T08:38:05+00:00

We do not disclose details of the entry process for any of our events as this is commercially sensitive information. The number of places available through the website varies at each event depending on the number of players who qualify through Social Media competitions and places offered through our sponsors.

I have moved. How do I let you know my change of address?2019-09-03T08:38:26+00:00

Please email changeofaddress@streetsoccerpro.com with your name, date of birth, telephone number, old address and your new address. Your address details will then be changed in our system and a confirmation will be emailed to you when this has been done. Please do not call the helpdesk with changes of address as these can only be processed by email.

Which game will I be in?2019-09-03T08:38:55+00:00

You will be sent information about the approximate start time of your game. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for registration, all players must register on the day at least 1 hour before the advertised start time of your game.

Can I change my start to be with my partner/friend/etc?2019-09-03T08:39:28+00:00

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The number of players in each game is carefully calculated and it is therefore not possible to move players from one game to another. Please note there are Event staff overseeing each game to check that players are correctly assembled. If you wish to play with someone who is allocated to a different game consider a doubles entry where you can show your joint skills in taking on the best of the rest.

I need a hotel in London for the weekend of my Platinum Invitation Game – any advice?2019-09-03T08:40:21+00:00

Street Soccer Pro hotel packages are available with our hotel partners in and around London, and include a champion’s breakfast and transfer to the Event so you arrive rested and ready to go. Visit restandplay@streetsoccerpro.com to find out more. Breakfast and departure times will be confirmed at check-in.

Where do I collect my entry pack?2019-09-03T08:41:46+00:00

All competitors must collect their Entry Pack from the Event Registration desk at least 1 hour before the approx start time of of their game.

Entry to the venue is free for all – friends, family and supporters. Why not head to our online store to pick up some shiny new boots so that you look the part! Please visit our online affiliate store for more information prosoccerdirect.com

Please note that registration desks shut promptly at 16:00 the Event Day and it is not possible, under any circumstances, to collect entry packs after that time.

What do I need to bring with me?2019-09-03T08:42:26+00:00

You must bring the barcode we emailed to you after you completed your entry, plus valid ID with your photograph (eg valid passport or driving licence with photograph) to collect your Entry Pack, which contains your player information. If your passport is out-of-date or you have an old-style driving licence with no photograph, then please bring another form of photographic ID together with your signed bank card and a recent utility bill (no more than three months old) for your registered address.

What will happen if I don’t get to registration in time?2019-09-03T08:43:17+00:00

If you do not register 1 hour before the advertised estimated start time of your game you will be unable to play and your place may be reallocated to another player from the waiting list. Unfortunately, refunds will not be offered. Registration will close promptly at 16:00 the Event Day. No information packs will be issued after that time under any circumstances.

We strongly suggest that you allow plenty of time to collect your entry pack. Failure to collect your pack means you will not be able to compete in that Street Soccer Pro Event.

Can I arrange for someone else to register for me?2019-09-03T08:44:21+00:00

Yes, you can nominate someone to collect your pack for you. The person you nominate must have the following with them when they attend registration:

  • A letter written and signed by you authorising the person by name to collect you information pack number
  • The person collecting your number must have suitable photographic identification with them and a clear photocopy of your photo identification.
  • If these instructions are not followed, the information pack will not be issued.

Please note an individual may only collect ONE information pack in addition to their own.

How do I know what to do on Event Day?2019-09-03T08:44:54+00:00

Information will be sent to you once your entry is confirmed. Further instructions are available on Event Day at the Registration Desk. Alternatively just ask one of our Event Staff who will be happy to help you with any questions or problems that you may have. The instructions you receive will contain all the information players need to have an enjoyable day.

What time does the Event start?2019-09-03T08:45:29+00:00

Start times for all Street Soccer Pro Events are as follows:

09:05 – 1st Game Kick Off
16:40 – Final game Kick Off

What time do I need to get to the Venue?2019-09-03T08:45:47+00:00

We suggest you get to your allocated pitch at least 20mins before the estimated start time given to you in your registration pack. This will allow time for you to store your kit, use the facilities, warm up and take your position ready for battle!.

Where are the toilet facilities?2019-09-03T08:46:06+00:00

Toilets are available at the venue

When will prizes be presented?2019-09-03T08:46:37+00:00

Once you have seen off the competition, there will be a Champions presentation ceremony not only to present you with your well earned prize, but also to take part in a photo shoot which will formally induct you to the next rung up on our unique Tier Ranking System. Wear your shirt with pride, your that one step closer to becoming a Street Soccer Pro Elite Player.

I want to watch the game – what advice can you give me?2019-09-03T08:46:57+00:00

There is plenty of space for spectators who can enjoy watching the game and to witness drama as it unfolds.

Can I watch footage of the game on television?2019-09-03T08:47:19+00:00

Yes!. Certain pitches have pitch side camera systems which record the action as it happens. Players will be provided with details of how to access the footage should the game be recorded. Please check with event staff for details.

I am a goalie and want to be added to your retained list of Event goal keepers, how do I sign up?2019-09-03T08:47:38+00:00

We are always on the lookout for good goalies to work at our events. Just drop us a line with your details providing a short resume of your goal keeping experience and one of our team will get back to you with further information.

We are interested in becoming a Street Soccer Pro Partner, how do we get involved?2019-09-03T08:48:13+00:00

If your brand ethos, image and integrity levels match our own we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us at sponsorship@streetsoccerpro.com

These FAQs aim to answer the majority of questions asked by players, and spectators. If your question is not covered by these FAQs, please contact the Street Soccer Pro help desk at help@streetsoccerpro.com. The help desk can be very busy so please be patient and your enquiry will be answered as soon as possible.