Wembley is the place to be this summer. In the shadows of the iconic Wembley Arch, battle lines will be drawn, rivalries will be created and tears may be shed.

After launching in Glasgow, Street Soccer Pro brings the action to London. We intend to pit the Capitols brightest footballing talent against each other, by close of play we..and more importantly YOU will know exactly who’s the best..

The winners will be crowned on the day and be graduated up the Street Soccer Pro unique Tier Ranking system to Bronze level Standard. The losers will have the option, come back and try again next month or take the beating, lick your wounds and retire to pastures old. 

Those that pick themselves up will show their desire and prove to all that its persistence that truly wins the day..which will you be? Street Soccer Pro has arrived its ‘One on One’ and there’s no where to hide.